• Yacht Ownership

    Blue Seas Caribbean assists clients wishing to purchase a yacht, at every step of the process. We are equipped to undertake all legal requirements throughout.

    Charter Yacht Management programmes vary in structure, typically providing worry-free ownership, income, and the opportunity to enjoy worldwide sailing destinations. View the different options below.

  • Guaranteed Income Programmes

    Guaranteed income programmes offer fixed monthly revenue on yachts owned in a charter fleet.

    Sunsail and The Moorings yacht owners enjoy this guaranteed income, regardless of charter activity, as well as zero operating expenses, worry-free maintenance and extensive use of their yachts and sister ships worldwide.

    Owners enjoy up to 12 weeks of sailing at worldwide destinations, sailing school courses if desired, and a dedicated Owner Care team for bookings.

    The programmes usually last between five and six years and both companies provide easy options to extend, attractive trade-in opportunities, and worldwide brokerage support, making the exit process stress free.

  • Option to Purchase Programme

    In the Option to Purchase programme, the yacht owner pays significantly less for the yacht at the outset, and does not receive an income throughout the programme.

    The single payment is 65% of the retail purchase price.

    In these countries, the title of the yacht has to sit locally with Sunsail and The Moorings until the end of the contract, at which time the title is signed over to the owner. The programme length is usually five and a half years.

  • Variable Yacht Ownership

    Variable Yacht Ownership programmes are designed for sailors looking for more flexibility and owner's use in a yacht management programme.

    Flexibility means more yacht choices, including an owner's version of any Leopard Catamarans model, and sailboats by Jeanneau and Beneteau.

    The programme also offers unlimited use of your yacht and a choice of bases with destinations in Europe, North America, The Bahamas, and the British Virgin Islands, plus some reciprocal use of other yachts at company-owned charter bases worldwide.

    Owners receive a percentage of charter revenues to offset operating expenses.

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