• Yacht Registrations

    Blue Seas Caribbean offer a comprehensive yacht registration service.

    Registration is dependent on client requirements. We encourage clients to contact us to discuss their yachting requirements, prior to registration.

  • Help & Support

    There are several factors to be taken into consideration prior to registering a yacht, which includes:

    - Yacht owner nationality
    - Resident of yacht owner
    - Details of yacht
    - length/tonnage
    - Existing Registration
    - Proof of historic ownership
    - Private or charter yacht
    - VAT status
    - Location and area of operation

    Please note the above list is not exhaustive, so please contact Blue Seas Caribbean to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Additional Info

    Blue Seas Caribbean can register yachts in the following flag society jurisdictions:

    - Bermuda
    - British Virgin Island
    - Cayman Islands
    - Gibraltar
    - Guernsey
    - Hong Kong
    - Isle Of Man
    - Liberia
    - Jersey
    - Malta
    - Republic Of The Marshall Islands
    - Saint Vincent & The Grenadines
    - United Kingdom

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